Encouraging Social Change

The Plan

I have been thinking about this topic of how can we do better for our children and families for a year now.  I have made a few blog posts learning more about the problem.  I have learned and prayed and talked about it.  This is what I plan to do:

I will reach out to organizations and ministries that are making a difference to the individuals and communities and which they operate. I will connect with a person who has benefited from the services provided and help their story to be told. Then, I will connect with a volunteer from the agency or ministry.  Then, I will connect with the founder or current director. It is my earnest desire to encourage everyone in our communities to become aware of the needs and know what it is that they can do about it.

I will blog and create a podcast from these connections.

How you can help!

That being said, if you are a resident in Louisiana and are aware of a ministry that is making a difference in your community, would you please send me a message about it? You can make a comment, or send an email.  I want to feature as many as possible.

I want to feature ministries that are offering a hand up rather than a hand out.  Food banks and clothing ministries are awesome; a much needed service is provided.  However, I want to showcase the innovative ways in which our churches and ministries are helping others with changing the face of poverty and preparing for employment; parenting skills; literacy; early childhood education and domestic violence issues.  When we can intervene with causes rather than effects, then we are indeed changing the future of our people.

We are called to change the world.  We can do this when we effect one person in one community at time.

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