Stand Against Violence

Violence is not the answer. Ever.
So, we are taking a stand in the community to stand against violence. To stand against the kind of mass murder that occurred at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. To stand against hatred and destruction.
Who knows what the ripple effect could be of a few people taking a stand in a small town Louisiana to say, “No more”?
Perhaps a seed will be planted in a young person. One with the energy and vision and passion to carry the mantle of Martin Luther King Jr. or Gandhi and say, “No more” to the rhetoric of violence and disregard for humanity. Perhaps a great leader of a powerful non-violent movement will rise up from our band. Or, perhaps the great leader will simply be inspired by hearing about a small number of people gathered in the name of peace.
MLK said that no one could do everything but everyone can do something. That is what I am longing for, to be one who does something. For too long I’ve lived with complacency. For too long I’ve accepted the situation and felt powerless. No more. I may not have a lot of power, but I am going to use the power I do have. I will be strong and courageous, very strong and very courageous.
Won’t you come with me? We can be stronger and more courageous when we walk together on this journey of taking a public stand for peace.

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